Digital Domain Media Group, Venice                                                                08/10-current

    Technical Director -  Wrote and maintained tools for animation pipeline support through Autodesk Maya and texture support through The Foundry’s Mari. Wrote and optimized Houdini OTLs for working with camera tracking data. Developed and maintained software packages and stand alone tools for generating data for outsource vendors. Helped in the creation of file system tools for the purpose of identifying redundant, old, unneeded or wasteful data. Created RV plugins for integrating desired overlay information. Integrated old tools into existing software packages and or adapted them for new uses with additional features as needed.    

Digital Domain Media Group, Venice                                                                08/10-current

    Digital Production Administrator -  Management of facility resources including render nodes, disk space, and data. Write code to aid in data management including, culling of zombie and ghost processes, health maintenance of node services, and organization and prioritization of resources. First point of contact for data I/O. Support for facility wide tools and pipeline support, and point of contact for artist and production support. Diagnose and provide solutions to various render problems for different rendering engines.

Escape Studios                                                                                                 06/11 - 09/11

    Summer apprenticeship program. Story boarding, modeling, set fitting, filming, match lighting, and shader development of hero cars 

The Virgin Voyage, Directed by Scott Clark                                                     02/08 - 08/08

    Concept lighting. Texture fixes. Environmental lighting. Character lighting. Layout. Lead Lighter.


Bird Reunion, Marie Ming-Yun Chou                                                                 03/08 - 11/08

    Concept lighting. Environmental lighting. Preliminary character lighting.

Nissan Cube Commercial Contest, Vince De Quattro                                      05/09

    Match lighting, shading


• Languages: C, C++ (OpenGL), Java (Java3D), Various assembly languages, VHDL, MEL, Python

• Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS/X

• Software:   Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, and Mudbox, Apple Shake, Foundry Nuke, Shotgun Software, Iridas Framecycler, Tweak Software RV,  PipelineFX Qube, Final Cut Pro, Luxology Modo, Massive Prime Crowd Simulation, slim/Renderman, Side Effects Houdini, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects

• Rendering Engines: Renderman, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Mantra, Arnold


• Advanced Lighting and Texturing

• Renderman

• Texture/Lighting Cooperative Program (TVBot project)

• Massive Crowd Simulation

• Visual Effects 1

• Advanced Rendering Techniques (Creating a Raycaster from scratch)

• Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics Software

• Senior Project: Construct a 3-Dimensional Scanner and develop custom software using the QT toolkit



        • Three Dimensional scanner which analyzed the distance of a small object on a rotating platform

            from a descending arm, and transferred distance values over a USB connection.

Written Programs to display:

        • QT GUI application responsible for retrieving data from a scanning device, manipulating and

            transforming the data, and rendering the data in three dimensional space using OpenGL.

        • Creating particle systems using an analysis of applied forces

        • Calculating free form (Bezier) deformation of vertex meshes using an 3 dimensional grid overlay

        • Raycasting

            o Calculating reflection vectors and refraction vectors through different mediums

            o Volumetric Lighting

        • Calculating collision detection between moving objects


Escape Studios, Santa Monica

    Summer Apprenticeship Program,    2011

Academy of Art, San Francisco

    Masters in Animation and Visual Effects,     2007 - 2009

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Cum Laude),     2000-2005

    Concentration: Computer Graphics