1.) Frog and the Dragonfly: Subsurface scattering, texture creation, lighting, surfacing

of the rocks and characters, baked raytraced occlusion using renderman, waterfall

simulation, water displacement movement, procedural renderman shader on rocks.

Environmental modeling.

Maya: modeling, lighting, instancing, animation, rendering/ Renderman

Slim: shading

After Effects: compositing

Nuke: compositing

Vue: plant generation

IvyMaker: ivy generation

RealFlow: waterfall generation

2.) Dynamic Dali: Particle sand and bird instancing, cloud and rock figure animation,

rock figure modeling and stone shader creation, match lighting figure to foreground

monoliths, and compositing: CG insertion, sand displacement using particles, cloud

animation, color correction, edge blend, and light wrap.

Maya: modeling, animation, lighting, shading, rendering/Maya software

Shake: compositing

3-7.)Bird Reunion: environmental lighting.

Maya: rendering/Maya software

8.) Decrepit House: Subsurface scattering, metal shading, texture creation using 3D

paint and Photoshop, occlusion, compositing, lighting, camera animation;

Maya: lighting, painting, shading, rendering/mental ray

Photoshop: texture editing; creation of bump, and specular maps.

9.) Snowy Night in Istanbul: Subsurface scattering, particle snow, procedural

renderman shaders on the buildings and ground. Lighting of the scene.

Maya: Lighting, snow particle generation, rendering/ renderman

Slim: shading

10.) Virgin Voyage: shot3 bar scene: Character lighting, environmental lighting, top

light animation, match animation of glass contents to glasses, shader alteration:

decrease intensity of shoulder pads and eyes, change shader on drinks and glasses

for continuity.

Maya: rendering/ mental ray

11.) Virgin Voyage: shot2 bar scene: Character lighting, environmental lighting,

shader alteration of the background.

Maya: rendering/ mental ray

12.) Probe UFO: modeling, metal shader creation, compositing: color correction, light

wrap, edge blend, lens blur, grain matching, match-movement, character animation,

match lighting, occlusion

Maya: modeling, shading, lighting, animation, rendering/mental ray

After Effects: compositing

13.) Insect Attack: Particle instancing, modeling of insects and creation of insect

shaders, wing beat animation, match lighting, and compositing: green screen

keying and insertion, CG insertion, edge blend, light wrap.

Maya: modeling, animation, lighting, animation; rendering / mental ray

Shake: compositing